What is Tri Fuel?

Tri Fuel solution for home backup power. Duromax XP13000HXT DuroMax Tri Fuel technology allows you to run your portable generator on either Natural Gas, Propane, or Gasoline offering the ULTIMATE freedom and flexibility of fuel choice. DuroMax offers the LARGEST Tri Fuel portable generator on the market! With 13,000 watts of peak power, the DuroMax XP13000HXT can power your WHOLE HOME.

NATURAL GAS has the benefit of effectively providing an unlimited fuel supply. Hook up directly to your home’s gas line and experience the convenience of no longer having to worry about storing tanks or fuel spills.

PROPANE is cost effective, fuel efficient, an extended shelf life, and can be stored for years in the right conditions. Both NATURAL GAS and PROPANE burn cleaner, reducing your carbon footprint. These fuel options are safer for the environment AND won’t “gum” up your generator’s carburetor.

Finally, old reliable GASOLINE is a tried-and-true fuel option that’s readily available and provides the most power of any of the three fuels options. Switch between fuel types easily and effortlessly with our front facing fuel interface and included quick connects!

The flexible fuel hose allows you to hook up your generator to propane tanks of all sizes, while the oversized 3/4 in. diameter, 16 ft. long hose will easily accommodate your generator and natural gas line setup.

DuroMax engineers were able to develop a fully integrated Tri Fuel system that works with the flow rates of American Natural Gas lines. We’ve managed to design the most efficient Tri Fuel generator when it comes to fuel to wattage output; and we currently offer the largest Tri fuel portable generator on the market.
Cleaner Air for Everyone

DuroMax is continually innovating and improving on existing technologies to reduce harmful emissions. Starting with Dual Fuel and expanding into Tri Fuel, DuroMax generators that run on either propane or natural gas produce lower carbon emissions than similar gasoline powered only units.

Freedom of
Fuel Choice