Home Backup Generators

Browse from our collection of reliable home backup generators from DuroMax Power Systems to ensure you're prepared for the unexpected power outage. Using gasoline, our home generators are an appliance that is essential for anyone looking for an efficient backup generator to power their entire home. Our portable generators can be used as a house generator and is perfect for any power outage. Browse our home generator collection to find the right generator for you and to invest in backup power to power your entire home!

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Under 10,000 Watts

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Over 10,000 Watts

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Dual Fuel Inverters

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New to Home Power Backup?

The idea of home power backup may sound intimidating to most. We take the guesswork out of home power backup and provide options that will suit YOUR needs.

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Dual Fuel HX Generators

Freedom of Fuel Choice

Extension Cords

Plug in and go – our heavy-duty extension cords are outdoor rated for safe use

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Generator Cords

Ideal for home power backup – connect your generator directly to your home transfer switch

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Weatherproof Covers

Protect your generator from the elements with our weather-resistant dust guard covers

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