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The foundation of our company is built on quality, reliability, durability, and excellent customer service. At DuroMax, our vision is simple: We are committed to Powering Everyone... Anywhere!

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With 15,000 watts of peak power, the XP15000HXT will run on gasoline, propane, or natural gas, and stands alone as the largest Tri Fuel portable generator on the market.


The XP13000HX is the crown jewel of the HX Series with 13,000 watts of power. This unit provides the power normally found in stationary home standby generators but in a more affordable, portable package.


Enjoy clean, Dual Fuel whole home power with the XP16000iH. This digital inverter is excellent for emergency home backup or power on the jobsite. Use clean power to operate your television, laptops, and other sensitive electronics. 

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Power at Home... or On-The-Go

DuroMax portable generators are designed to be mobile and versatile, with the ability to provide power whenever and wherever you need it. Unlike traditional standby generators that are large, expensive, yet only serve one purpose, DuroMax generators will power you whether you’re at home, on an RV trip, or at the jobsite.


Electricity in our home not only provides comfort, but safety as well. From keeping the heat of AC on to keeping out food fresh in the refrigerator, power is essential to our daily lives.

Home Backup Generators


At the jobsite, portable power allows you to get work done in remote locations where traditional power sources are usually unavailable.

Jobsite Generators


Get in touch with nature, while staying comfortable and safe. With portable power, you can light up your campsite, keep your phone charged, and even brew a cup of coffee - all while being miles away from civilization.

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We Take the Guesswork Out of Home Power Backup



Love the simple design of the XP9000iH and the ability to use two types of fuel. Had an electrician install a connect for this so we can have a way to keep electricity when we have outages or an emergency. Great product that seems easy to use for someone who hasn’t had a generator before.


Kent, WA


I bought the XP13000HXT after researching various models & name brands. I finally decided on the DuroMax based on the fuel options, price, warranty, and favorable reviews. Good instructions provided. Setup was simple. I have it connected to a battery tender in the garage, ready for the next power outage. So far I'm completely satisfied and would make the same decision again.

Uncle Jed



Upgraded to the XP15000EH to replace an older smaller generator that I had. I needed more power to supply my home with our power demand. I did my due diligence, researching different makes and models, but kept coming back to DuroMax. I really like the features and the output for this model. Now I'm ready for the next hurricane.




I bought the XP13000HX in 2021. In 2022 started right up. It got us through some power outages that lasted days. I have a 3300 sq. Ft. home with 2 central AC/heater systems and it handled that, all my appliances, and all lights on in our home.


Midland, TX


Hands down one of the best engines made for Mudmotors. So much compact power. It works great on any jon boat in the 12ft to 15ft range, plenty of usable power. It's also compatible with Predator 420 stage one kits and exhausts. The engine is awesome, you cannot beat its power for price or smiles per mile ratios. This engine is so reliable.

AZ Longtales

Yuma, AZ


This is the second DuroMax generator I have owned. The XP2300iH Inverter is just the right size for camping, tailgating, or light home or jobsite use. Easy to move with the extendable handle and wheels, and light enough for loading by just one person. I love it! Plus you get expert customer service!


Kingsport, TN


I purchased the XP15000EH Dual Fuel portable generator as a home backup. This machine is well built, sturdy, and packs plenty of power. It is easy to operate, and performs outstandingly. The reason that I highly recommend DuroMax is not simply the quality of their product, but also the exceptional customer service. Mr. Cody Kallin-Estep is the best customer service representative I’ve ever come across, in any purchase or interaction, with any company or organization, ever.


Northern VA


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