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The DuroMax Way is a commitment to excellence. Our vision is focused on the quality, reliability and durability of our products combined with outstanding customer service. DuroMax Power Equipment is the industry leader in large portable generator technology, bringing the solution of portable home power to America. Our full product line up includes portable generators, bare engines, water pumps, pressure washers, power cords, and accessories.

Power Independence

The U.S. power grid is aging. Take control of your home.

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Pioneering Portable Home Power Backup

Power is an essential part of our daily lives, and this is especially true in our homes. We never stop to think about just how much we rely on electricity… until the power goes out

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Power at Home... or On-The-Go

DuroMax portable generators are designed to be mobile and versatile, with the ability to provide power whenever and wherever you need it. Unlike traditional standby generators that are large, expensive, yet only serve one purpose, DuroMax generators will power you whether you’re at home, on an RV trip, or at the jobsite.


Electricity in our home not only provides comfort, but safety as well. From keeping the heat of AC on to keeping out food fresh in the refrigerator, power is essential to our daily lives.

Home Backup Generators


At the jobsite, portable power allows you to get work done in remote locations where traditional power sources are usually unavailable.

Jobsite Generators


Get in touch with nature, while staying comfortable and safe. With portable power, you can light up your campsite, keep your phone charged, and even brew a cup of coffee - all while being miles away from civilization.

Recreational Generators

Why Choose DuroMax

The foundation of our company is built on quality, reliability, durability, and customer service. At DuroMax our vision is simple, we are committed to Powering Everyone... Anywhere!



This generator is amazing! Very well made, sturdy, and dependable. Not to mention that it’s made by DuroMax, which as your already know they surpass all industry standards, but the extra features that give you the flexibility to choose your fuel source. That option alone is 3 of 5 Stars to me! Especially with today’s economic hardships.




I bought this to use as a backup for my house. Best investment I've ever made. The noise level is very low, easy to start and stop with remote and the maintenance has been made easy. I can hook it to my house and be up and running in a few minutes. A whole lot better than the portable generator I had used before


Weirton, WV


This is a nice looking machine, it appears to be the pride of the fleet. they packaged this unit with all the components in it to get you going. I felt like a kid in a sand box for the first time in a long time. Good looking machine and I can't wait to run it. I read around on a few others and the reviews on customer service was the best. the company answered the phone and was very helpful based on the reviews I read. The way they packaged it and the service kit, hoses, plugs, decals, on down to a very attractive colorful start up kit. Thanks DuroMax for building a fine machine.


Maricopa, AZ


This bad boy still runs great and is used nearly everyday for about 10-20min at a time, with a few days of more heavy use of 6+hours when using certain power tools. Good genny for the price and so far so good.




I have two generators that work great. My 13000 is for my log home that takes care of lights, water well, two freezers, boiler heating system + more. My t2000 takes care of my workshop for my 5hp table saw, wood planer, jointer, lights, dust collector +more. I must say with all honesty never had any trouble. I use propane mostly and high quality gasoline at times. It's up to the person to take care of your generator with oil changes and keeping your generators indoors when not using them. I highly recommend these generators for their quality and price. Thank you DuroMax.


Lake George, NY


We bought a q2021 5th wheeler with a residential refrigerator and two 15,000 BTU and of course all the extras micro wave, 2 TVs hot water heater and of course the air dryer. Well I put the DuroMax together added oil as directed along with fresh gasoline. I hooked up our RV and started with the breakers off. She cranked right up, took a few seconds to settle down and I flipped the breakers. I turned on both a/c units, turned on the hot water heater and even turned on a TV. We have a real generator. Thanks DuroMax, this is a real machine.


Pineville LA

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