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Hurricane Idalia post review of DuroMax XP5500E Generator


Gavin's Garage DUROMAX XP16000iH 16,000 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator


RedneckComputerGeek DuroMax XP20HP 500cc Unboxing First Thoughts


I live in Florida and there are two things here besides the Sun and palm trees that I need. Water and AC. My Duromax provides both and so when the power goes out and usually after a big storm it can be weeks.... I can count on my Duromax to provide me with these basic necessities. I love the dual fuel feature because it offers me options. Lastly the price was reasonable. If you live in Florida I highly recommend these generators. Lol. You asked!


Jamie Carol



DuroMax XP12000EH 12,000 Watt Portable Dual Fuel Gas Propane Generator


DuroMax 13000HXT Portable Generator Start-up


Haven’t used my new generator, but set up was slick! Had an Electrician help me with the setup. Then I went through it with my wife. She feels totally confident on setting it up herself. Instructions on the generator were awesome for future reference. I love the Tri Fuel capability. Plan on using Natural Gas.





Here in California the power system is unreliable. I had a gas generator but the fuel here goes bad after 6 weeks and then you need to get the carburetor serviced. I bought this dual fuel generator with the intention of only using propane for fuel. The generator was supplied with all the necessary tools to assemble it. It is well built and engineered to last for years.


Socal Steve


San Diego, CA

I got this generator because of friends who had DuroMax generators which ran flawlessly after the hurricane Ian. I bought the duel fuel 13000 HX. Shipping was quick arrived packaged well. Set up was easy and of course tested it on the house, it ran flawlessly running two refrigerators, hot water heater, lights, even the central A/C – basically the whole house! Completely satisfied and ready for bad weather if needed. Also the price is right and they stand behind their products 100% !




SW Florida

I had a ton of questions prior to delivery. Always answered quickly. Had another ton of questions after arrival. Again answered quickly. Unpacking, set up and as a breeze. Break in while boring went off without a hitch. Long term storage instructions were spot on. Solid equipment with solid support.




SW Florida

So far the customer service has been excellent. I received the item and my son and I assembled it - did not take too long. We used a propane tank to get it started - it started right up and was very surprised how quiet it was compared to others I have used in the past. I will be installing in a week or so - I will try to f/u with update.


1st Time Buyer



I purchased this on the advice of a buddy who had one and loved it. He was right. I have a panel shut-off switch and a 50 amp breaker with a generator inlet. Assembly was easy, instructions were excellent, everything is very well-marked. I broke it in for an hour with no load, changed oil (synthetic), and ran for another hour with a light load before turning on the AC unit. Ran my entire 2300 sq ft house with AC at only half load. And the entire project cost me less than $3k including the generator, vs my neighbor's $20k Generac. Thumbs up, DuroMax...you rocked it!


Capt Skip


Galveston, TX

First thing I want to say. I have had this generator for 3 years now. This is one of the best investments I have made. Before buying this generator. I didn't my research. I am glad I chose the 13,000 watt. This generator is a beast. I am writing this review on May 2nd 2023. We are having a snow storm in the Michigans Upper Peninsula. Our area has lost power. We were out of power for 26 hours. This generator ran the whole time. With no stops or hesitations. It is easy for me to move around. Easy start. It's is reliable. It will help keep your family warm and safe. When a storm hits and the power goes out. It is more power then I need. But I tell yeah. It's better to have more watts then not enough. So if you are looking for a new generator. You want something to run you whole house. This is the one. Me and my family are happy we made this investment. Great job to all the people at DuroMax.


D. Sharks


Michigan Upper Peninsula

Bought this for a whole home generator. The natural gas feature really sold it. I like the no flat tires, the remote start feature and one person can move it around easily. Looking forward to years of use. The customer support is very good.




Lower Michigan

I purchased this as an alternative to a more expensive whole-house standby unit. It supplies enough juice to power the whole house, including the water pump, furnace, and hot water heater. I like the option to use propane instead of gasoline. It was fairly easy to set up. Runs like a dream.




Dresden, OH

A massive Midwest derecho - August 10, 2020, which was a high speed storm and a wall of wind came up from Kansas. Winds of 70 to 90 mph. Knocking down trees and breaking telephone /power poles like twigs. We didn't have electricity for 5 days 6 hrs. All generators were sold out for more than 100 miles. Most of them failed to keep running, junk. The DuroMax generators were outlasting those bargain brand and worked just like the Generacs people had installed on their houses. This one of the best engineered and tough generators I've ever owned. My next portable / mobile generator will be a DuroMax .


Carlton B.


Harvey, IL

XP10000HX is an excellent product. Shipped quickly. Easy to unpack and no damage. Easy to setup. Fired right up the first time. Had electrician install outlet and gave the 50A circuit a test run. Runs my whole house except for A/C, stove, dryer, oven. But, I'm okay with that. Very much needed to keep my son's medical equipment running during a power outage.


Harris J.



Have only ran it for about 1 1/2 hours so far. About 1/2 hour under load testing after installation of generator inlet and panel interlock was installed. So far I am very impressed. Works as expected. Quiet. Generator RPM adjusted to load changes seamlessly. Tested propane transfer with a 20 lb. tank. Transferred from gas to propane then back to gas almost unnoticeably. Shipping was fantastic. 3 1/2 days from ordering to having it placed in my garage. All in all, I'm one happy camper. 2 power outages in the winter was enough for me to alleviate that major inconvenience. Last generator I purchased (4.000/3,500 watt) wound up not being needed for 2 years after I purchased it. I'm actually looking forward to a 4 to 6 hour outage just to run it through its paces. We no longer fear the dark.


Sumner J.


SE Michigan

I did a lot of research and hands down this was the best choice. Several of my neighbors have been over to look at our backup power system and all have been very impressed, the electrician was equally impressed and he always recommended general before, so yes. Very pleased with ability, cost, quality.





Set up generator on a pre-built light concrete pad that will handle twice the weight of the generator. Did a sand/gravel compacted base to put the concrete pad on. Wired from the outside plug to a set of isolation breakers I set up next to my power panel and connected that to the panel. I am a supervisor electrician for construction. Checked everything out after completion of installation and everything worked perfectly. Have exercised the generator for a five minute run every month and have had no problems. Had some 16 degree weather a couple weeks ago and started up the generator to check out the operation in cold weather. No problems. Started on the second cycle. In the warmer weather on the monthly checks it starts right up on the first cycle. Absolutely no problem on either fuel. Very happy with the setup.




Springfield, OR

The DuroMax XP9000iH stole my heart! I have been an 11 year+ Generac user until I came across this DuroMax XP9000iH Inverter. The machine is beautiful by design looks, color and super quietness. I love the power thats generated effortlessly along with the wealth of information on the digital display. I also love the fact that it is setup for almost any application without creating ground issues. I am so very happy with my purchase and cannot stop bragging about it. $1999.00 is an unreal price, which also made competitors match it, but still will not match its quality.


Brook A.


West Orange, NJ

Run 3 days straight on natural gas due to an ice storm. It was flawless, powered my entire 3300 sq ft home. I loved the fact I never had to worry about when the I would run out of gas.




I bought this engine about fifteen days ago. I installed it on a log splitter. So far it's doing great. The only two issues that I have is that you have to use the spark plug wrench that the engine came with and it's still a little tough to get out. Also it would be a plus to have two dig sticks on the crankcase cover, especially when used on a log splitter. It has more than enough power to run a 16GPM pump pushing a 4 1/2" cylinder.


June Tune


Laconia, IN

I used two of your DuroMax 10,000 model generators for 2 weeks to keep our two homes in power due to New Mexico's largest wildfire last year. They ran 24 hrs a day. Never a problem. I am going to be buying the 13k model soon for my other home here in Arizona. I highly recommend these units. Thanks again for your support. B Evans. Captain SBR VFD.


Brian Evans



Finally got around to buying this awesome new generator, what a powerful beast !!!! Runs our complete 2,600 sq. ft. house with ease including our 5 ton a/c unit (that has a soft-start capacitor on it) using a bit of load sharing so as to not overload it... Delivered to my garage in a pristine, undamaged box and the generator was in perfect condition , no damage anywhere... Only problem I had was a stiff, step 2 select fuel type knob that some reviews said broke off so after calling tech support, we loosened the attachment screw a bit and that helped, but I also took knob off , sprayed some WD40 in it, clamped on some vice grips and exercised the shaft back and forth a few times which loosened it up a bit more. Reattached the knob and all is perfect!!! Love this generator!!!


Mark G.


Denver, NC

I ordered directly from DuroMax and the pump showed up in a couple days. I have rented pumps from my local power equipment rental yard for years and was tired of paying rental fees. I was immediately surprised at how light weight this was. I will say I was questioning the performance due to how lightweight it was, but on the first use, it worked great! It started right up and ran perfectly. I had 15ft of suction hose on the pump with about 4 feet of vertical lift. I primed it per the instructions and it started pumping water after about 30 seconds of running. It didn't have quite the flow as the rental pump did, but it was close, at a fraction of the weight and a fraction of the price! I think this was a good buy. I'm considering looking at other products in the DuroMax family to try!


Chris S.


Fairmont, WV

DuroMax Portable Generator🌞HP5500HX Assembly & Demo👈


Little demo run of the powerful Vtwin ‎DuroMax XP23HPE


DuroMax XP13000EH Generator Unboxing & Assembly


Bought the XP9000iH inverter a month ago thinking I probably would never use it. I was wrong as the power went out yesterday! Glad to have it! Works great!




Northern Minnesota

The recent storms and subsequent blackouts in California has us in the dark, but, more importantly, also without water (we have a well pump). So we had an electrician come out and install a 50-A generator input box that, with this generator, allows us to power half of the house and the well. Now we can weather the power outages knowing we still have water and refrigeration. This generator is awesome, easy to use, and despite its weight, easy to move around with the attached handles.


Spastic Lab Rat


Sacramento, CA

DuroMax 23hp 713cc Cold Weather Test


DuroMax Dodge Gas Power Wheels XP7HPX


DuroMax 274cc Engine Unboxing & First Look


I was looking for a generator to help power my house, connecting it through a transfer switch. However, I wanted to have a generator run off natural gas. Well, this DuroMax Tri Fuel portable generator has been the perfect option for our needs (with a 50 amp power outlet included giving max output). We can connect directly to our natural gas running into the home with the quick-connect hose provided with this generator. The setup was very easy to complete (taking about 45 minutes). Getting the generator up and running with the natural gas hookup did not take too much time as well. If fact, using the push button start, made it real easy. It took about 4 or 5 tries to get the generator running. The remote starter was nice option as well. All things considered, I would highly recommend this generator. Remember to purchase motor oil 10w30 and also another great tip is to purchase a trickle charger.




Cypress, TX

Got this generator for our house. Really pleased with how much power it supplies us. Really easy to use. electric start function is awesome. It powers our whole house.




Hillsborough, NC

The simple things in life to get you over #humpday #xp7hpe

Prepping to build some karts! Peep the new @duromaxpower motor in the back👀

A clean tractor is a happy tractor #poweredbyduromax

We have this 12,000 watt Dual Fuel generator for 2 years now, and it's been a lifesaver. It always starts immediately and supports my home without a problem, keeping our refrigerated items just fine and our family comfortable. I highly recommend this generator for its quality and reliability.


Joe D


North Carolina

We invested in the XP13000HX to keep our entire house running during an outage. The product is great, powers our whole house no problem. What’s more is DuroMax customer support is A+, and I can say for sure that they will stand behind their product 100%. Between the product and support, I will be a lifetime customer, and walking advertisement. We will be purchasing a small inverter generator for camping in the spring, and we’ll go to DuroMax for that.




Corinth, ME

This gen is great runs lights / tools / chargers / and welder with ease and comes with propane regulator nothing to buy but the tank. Simply turn a switch for propane or gas. Low oil warning and main breaker marked well for different voltages. This is a great tool made simple to use. I bought this gen based on reviews and have no regrets.




Barnesville, GA

I would recommend this generator to anyone, Had my natural gas hookup all ready. Run as smooth as a top. My neighbor bought one same model he was very impressed with his as well.





I'm so happy with this generator! I hooked it up to natural gas from my house and starting it up for the first time was so satisfying ... it took a few tries since it had to clear the air out of the line, but it did it all automatically and all I had to do was push start and it did the rest! I couldn't believe my eyes. Also, it's so powerful... was powering all the essentials plus a bunch of other stuff and was only using 1 bar of power. I almost want the power to go out now so I can fire this thing up. Thank you DuroMax!




Unit arrived well secured, protected and packaged. All parts and components were clean, well secured and wiring/wiring harnesses well installed. Setup (incl. oil fill up) took me roughly 20mins. Unit started on 3rd turnover (I suspect this is because I am running it on propane and the that propane required “priming”) *NOTE: the unit attempts restarts on its own.* Subsequently started on first attempt. Display looks great, bright and informative. Nice and quiet when low idle is “on”. Sound is quite reasonable when at full RPM. Plugged in a 1500W heat gun as test. Everything ran as expected. Readout was 1500. See attached pics. I will be using with a Generlink transfer switch and testing it out on my home. Will update review post testing via transfer switch and in colder weather (-13°F to 32°F / -25°C to 0°C)




Ontario, Canada

ALWAYS READY! Purchased a year ago for numerous power outages in Seattle area… Super reliable and exactly what I needed for a whole home generator! I would purchase again.


Jeff T


Seattle, WA

Obviously high quality materials and manufacturing. I believe this is one of the best generators on the market for the money. I will revisit this review after I get a full season under my belt. I have already recommended this to a friend and he is buying one for his house. If you know what you are doing, this makes a lot more sense for a whole house back up than an auto throw-over unit that costs 4 times the amount of money.




Ozark, MO

I bought this generator a couple years ago and it is a beast, it runs everything I need on a job site/ it also runs my 50 amp sub panel transfer switch for my home needs when the power goes out.


Allphase Construction



WHOLE HOUSE BACKUP. Shipping was awesome it came strapped to a pallet and didn't even have a scratch on the box. I hooked up the XP13000E to my breaker box and when I tested it made enough voltage to easily run my whole house. I can sleep easy knowing that I have a quality generator ready when I need it. Thanks GFO!


Dave H


Elberton, GA

On this episode we wire up a Push button electric start to a ‎@MakitaToolsUSA battery on @DuroMaxPower #xp7hpe 7hp Electric Start engine. Super easy to do and should work on many applications such as Mudmotors, Minibikes, Go Karts etc.


Was looking forward to this Tri-Fuel unit for a few years now. It arrived in great condition strapped to a pallet. It came with all the necessary parts to get it up and running except for oil. Not sure on its performance yet, but I think it will provide enough power to run most if not all circuits in my home. It’s pretty quiet too due to the large muffler. I’ll be primarily running it on natural gas.




East Meadow, NY

I had an electrician install my generator just yesterday, Nov.8! It is hooked to my house propane tank to make it easier for me. Unbelievably, my power went out today, Nov 9!!! Power company said it would be out for about 3 hours. I thought great opportunity for me to test things out!! SUCCESS!!!! I found the generator simple for me to operate and so fortunate that it will power most things in my home!!! Very thankful and very pleased with my purchase!!!!!




Chesapeake City, Maryland

I researched a portable generator to power my complete home. The XP13000HX checked all the boxes at a good value. Much less than stationary generators. Easy to set up out of the box.





DuroMax 18 HP 440 go kart engine in a pickup truck, formerly powered by the HF 6.5 hp predator 212. In this video we discussed the evolution of the Predator 212 truck so far, and we do our first runs with the DuroMax 440.


I just bought this unit and have been breaking it in. So far so good it transitions very smoothly from low idle to a load. It is very quiet. I will be comparing this unit to my 6500 watt Honda that powered my home during power outages. So far I feel I made a wise decision to buy this unit. I spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos about generators and the XP9000iH was the most impressive. This unit kept the voltage in the safe range consistently under overload conditions very impressive.




So far so good. Went with the XP12000EH for a few of reasons. 1) The sale price. 2) Dual Fuel. Propane is so clean. 3) Don't need a remote. 4) Boondocking with our 43 foot 5th wheel. 5) Home backup. 6) I have used many generators but this one will power everything I need with no problem.





EXCELLENT POWER. Recharges and supplements my solar panels.




Prineville, Oregon

I purchased this in November 2022. Shipping was right on time and within an hour of expected arrival. VERY well packaged with no damage. Set it up to run on propane and it fired right up and ran very smooth. I've ran it off and on with different loads with no issues. Recommend. Nice unit.





A generator review that money can’t buy: DuroMax XP12000EH, power out for 14.5 days straight!


Paralleled DuroMax XP9000iH Dual Fuel Inverter Hybrid Portable Generators with One Propane Tank


DuroMax XP13000EH Portable Generator Review by Brooklynn Harrison


My new BEST FRIEND! Massive storm where I live in Arizona last week that knocked out power to the whole area. At the same time, it was 107 degrees outside. Not a problem: My DuroMax kept my whole house running for the 23 hours until Mohave Electric came back online. My home became a cooling station for my neighbors and my family. I should be a salesman for DuroMax, as four neighbors are looking to purchase and set up at their homes this week. Like they say, "A good friend is someone you can count on when you need help." DuroMax is my BEST FRIEND!





DuroMax XP9000iH 9000-Watt Inverter Generator Running a 5-TON AC


Got the mudskipper surface drive out on the water! #azlongtales #mudskippermudmotors #bassfishing #duckboat #duromax

The @duromaxpower XP4500iH inverter generator will provide my mobile workshop trailer with clean, quiet, and unsurpassed power.

We are loving the newly, redesigned @duromaxpower XP2300iH run quiet generator! 🛞 Meet up announcement soon!

In this video, I will be doing a product overview on the DuroMax 13000HXT generator. The XP13000HXT comes with a push button start, a front facing interface that allows you to change your fuel type in seconds, and a wide variety of outlets including a transfer switch-ready 50 amp outlet. DuroMax has the portable power source that can deliver reliable electricity during emergencies.


The power and ease of operation is beyond belief. We live in the Tahoe National Forest where power outages are common, particularly in the winter. This machine can run our entire house with the push of a button. This critical at times. We need to have a product that we can absolutely trust.




Sierra Mountains, CA

I bought this as an upgrade from another DuroMax generator. Great product, great WARRANTY that they stand behind.




Fritch, TX

Dual Fuel system gives us greater flexibility. Needing medical equipment to run during rolling blackouts is essential for us, and this generator is a perfect fit for our small household.


Camille T.



I've been wanting backup power for some time and I'm thrilled with my DuroMax XP13000HXT. With the ever-growing demand on our power grid with storms, shortages and the growing demand from electric vehicles, this unit is ready to go! It starts and runs like a SWISS WATCH, and I'm extra happy it runs on natural gas! A real GAME CHANGER... I love it!




South Jersey, NJ

Nice to have all tools needed for installation in the box. Just to be safe, I had master electrician install home panel 200 amp interlock kit and 50 amp power inlet box. I also had a master plumber extend the natural gas hookup from the utility meter and regulator. The assembly of the generators I completed myself. Once running I added house load, the generator had no challenges maintaining stable voltage including a 3-ton AC, large LG fridge, lights, computers, fans, small standup freezer, flat screens and display only showed 3 bars out of 5 for possible load. Happy customer here!!!


Luis Ossorio


20hp 440cc Duromax swapped Gokart gets electric start + kill switch- Ripping grass & burning gas!


Bought this a month ago as our solar batteries are failing, helping us along until new batteries get here. Runs one horsepower well pump and washing machine on propane as well as gas. Doesn't miss a lick, then idles down to only use what power is needed and is super quiet. Wished they made these twenty-five years ago. Remote start sure saves the arm, my wife likes having her own remote.


Super Lucky


Mountains of Colorado

mini_bike1235 New catch can🔴 @duromaxpower @gopowersports @ombwarehouse @gopro

Carting flowers around #wheelhorsetractor #wheelhorse #wheelhorsejunkies #duromax #flowers #gardentractor #tractor

I have been considering a natural gas generator for awhile and finally decided to get the XP13000HXT model. Had a transfer and interlock switch installed, so now I'm ready for the next power outage. Tested it out and it's easy to operate. Worth the money!




Review Location

We live in Houston, Texas and have been through four hurricanes. This is our first backup generator and we feel very prepared. In the past we've always lost power, but with the new 13000HX we anticipate a comfortable wait for the storm to pass!


J. Powers


Spring, TX

Now on YouTube! 999cc Go-Kart!

I had another DuroMax generator and it performed perfectly. But when this Tri-Fuel came out, I had to have it. Now I just tap into my home gas line and I'm running. Cleaner and no mess with gas. Don't have to keep spare propane bottles around. (I do have two for the propane BBQ & the griddle just in case). And because it's portable, I can take it anywhere if need be and use propane or gas and I have all the power I could need. Thanks DuroMax.




Fairfield, CA

DuroMax Tri Fuel Generator: The XP13000HXT! Unboxing & Overview


The 13,000-watt Tri Fuel HXT generator works GREAT. We had a plumber and electrician set it up, and it powers my whole house!


C. Smith


Houston, TX

Voted Best Portable Generator of 2022 by Popular Mechanics

We engine swap a GY6 150cc engine and put on a #xp18hpe DuroMax 440cc 18hp electric start with a Gopowersports series 40 Torque Converter and fabricate a new engine mount and reverse the axle and brakes. This engine has powered our boats with excellent power we imagine it's going to be really fast and fun on this little offtroad gokart.


Had to replace our old Honda and we ran across this Dual Fuel generator. Purchased through a retailer and delivery was quick, no damage. Just set up the generator, started right away for both fuel types and powered up the entire house and a/c unit with only the water heater's breaker off. Very satisfied, hoping I never have to use it, but here in Florida, it's a relief to own it. Having to run a business out of my home, it is essential to have power to operate.


Abbott Pool Service



I port matched the intake and carb adapter then I installed a 34mm round slide Mikuni. 💥 #RedBeardsGarage #DuroMax #Power #HorsePower #VTwin #GoKart #BuggyBuild #Carb

We bought this generator after our 18 year old generator started leaking oil after hurricane Florence hit us. The following year we got hit with a smaller hurricane that took our power out for only one day. The generator hooked to a 100 lb propane tank ran for about 10 hours at 30% load and only used about 8 gal of propane. The next year after a storm we lost power for two days in in June and it was over 90 degrees. The generator ran our 2 ton heat pump for 10 - 12 hours a day without too much problem. The generator did take a hit whenever the compressor started and we found that leaving the indoor air handler fan running help reduce the starting load. Other than that this thing has answered the call after every storm the last two years. We start it every 3 - 6 months and we have never had it not start. Still using the factory supplied battery on a battery tender. This generator is a monster not just for producing power. Its heavy too, so we had to convert a garbage can shed into an enclosure for it to be permanently kept in.




Jacksonville, NC

So far out of the box, the delivery was awesome. Once my son and I removed the generator from the box, assembly was clear and straight to the point. Looking forward to next power outage!




Beckley, WV

If you plan to power your home with a DuroMax Generator, here is a quick setup on how to hook it up to your home, and of course power your home with the generator. Check out this quick and simple video!


This DuroMax XP12000EH generator has all I need to provided power to my home during a power outage. It to keeps my well, A/C, refrigerator and electronics going!




Marlborough, CT

I purchased this product for home backup. This is an excellent generator. Extremely well built and assembly was very easy. I would definitely recommend this product if you are in the market for a generator.




Homewood, Alabama

Now that’s a lot of power! 💪

I bought this to use as a backup for my house. Best investment I've ever made. The noise level is very low, easy to start and stop with remote, and the maintenance has been made easy. I can hook it to my house and be up and running in a few minutes. A whole lot better than the portable generator I had used before.




Weirton, WV

We finally picked up our generator and we went with the power house DuroMax XP13000EH. This thing is feature loaded and best thing is, it wont break the bank like some. The Dual Fuel give us lot of options when needed. We are going to give you a little tour of this thing and show you how easy it is to start on propane at the push of a button.


Bought this to partially back up our house while protecting all the electronics. Already have had to use it after an electrical storm. Ran for two hours and let us continue prepping for some activities that were planned later that evening. Very nice.


D. Brooks


Corpus Christi, TX

I’ve had this generator for three years. I’ve run central air, three TVs, laptops, the dishwasher, two refrigerators, a chest freezer, washer, dryer, and lights simultaneously during summer blackouts that lasted multiple days in Long Island. This generator was only at half capacity while we ran these. Having this extra power gives me the confidence that I will not compromise the machine by taxing the engine near its limit for so many consecutive days of use. It is easy to maneuver with strong handles and big, sturdy wheels despite its weight. It’s extremely easy to use with gasoline or propane (simple start/stop instructions are on the machine). To my surprise, it’s MUCH quieter than I anticipated (considering it’s power). It’s become so much the envy of my neighborhood that one of my neighbors sold one he purchased a few years back and purchased this same model last fall. For what it’s worth, this neighbor is very mechanically inclined and knowledgeable: He repairs his cars, motorcycle, and appliances, as well as helps his neighbors when they have mechanical issues. You can use extension cords; However, I recommend having an electrician connect it to your electric panel via a transfer switch and an inlet box. We finally purchased a generator bc we lost hundreds of dollars in spoiled food each time we lost power, as well as sweated through many nights with our children.




Long Island, NY

I bought this about 2 months ago and have used it quite a few times for work and once for power outage at home. It had no problem running everything I needed to run and it was nice having the different fuel options. What a WORKHORSE!!


Mountain Man



TJ and I have made an effort to get our family ready for any emergency. With everything that has happened in the world, we have been stocking up on non-perishable food and water. The one thing we really wanted was a generator that could power our house and boy, did we find it! Not only can the @duromaxpower XP13000HX power my home’s A/C, I can use it for all the everyday things I still need like my laptop, blow dryer, jig saw, and of course my kids’ scooters 😝 #DuroMaxPartner @duromaxpower has more than generators. They also have engines, pressure washers and more! And they ship within 1-2 days which is 6-8 weeks faster than other brands. #PoweringEveryoneAnywhere

Our Point of View on DuroMax Dual Fuel Portable Generators From Amazon. Dual Fuel technology lets you run your generator on propane or gasoline, giving you the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice.


#mynewbff on #fancysfarm !! I am so mad at myself for not getting one sooner! I thought it would be to complicated for me to figure out! NO! It's not!! I can build anything anywhere now! #gamechanger !! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Did a test run on my house, running the central air, oven, microwave, dryer, etc. Did wonderfully. The gasoline mode handled everything with no problems. Propane run had a harder time running ac and dryer but still ran it. All in all i love this machine DUROMAX 13000EH for the win!

Purchased this several months ago and due to violent weather had to use it for several days, good clean power for the whole house. Would recommend it.




Western Minnesota

I bought this about 2 months ago and have used it quite a few times for work and once for power outage at home. It had no problem running everything I needed to run and it was nice having the different fuel options. What a WORKHORSE!


Mountain Man



So we live in Texas, and we all know during the summer it is hot as, you know. It happened during 100 degree heat, the husband hooked it up, and holy cow we ran the AC off it. Mind you, our house is about 1000 sq ft. but love it, its a life saver for sure.