Portable Generator Myths

For most of their existence, portable generators have been looked at as a machine that is utilized exclusively for bringing temporary power to jobsites and emergency affected areas. While powering jobsites is still one of the main uses, DuroMax portable generators evolved into bringing portable power to everyone, anywhere! Portable generators, especially the larger ones that DuroMax specializes in are primarily used for portable home power backup utilizing a 50-amp connection, serving as the solution to the myth that only standby generators are powerful enough to power an entire home.

DuroMax is modernizing portable generators with new innovative products that focus on cleaner burning fuels like propane and natural gas, lower emissions and offering generators that are transfer switch ready to make them viable home backup solutions. DuroMax also offers industry leading safety features to keep you and your family protected while operating our portable generators like GFCI protected outlets that shut the power off prior to the main breaker for superior electrical protection, and CO Alert technology that will automatically shut the generator off if it senses dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air. Another new technology that is changing the perception of portable generators is our DuroMax inverter generator line that offers a clean and quiet solution for portable generators with some models offering a noise level as low as 52 dB!

Home Power Backup

The idea of home power backup may sound intimidating to most. We take the guesswork out of home power backup and provide options that will suit YOUR needs.

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