Heavy Duty Construction

A generator is an essential piece of equipment – it is the lifeline of your home during a storm or emergency event. At DuroMax, it is our top priority to make sure that our generators will be durable and reliable enough to withstand severe weather, heavy use, and years of wear-and-tear.

Most generator manufacturers only use metal on the sides and front of their generator and skimp on the rest by using plastic parts.

DuroMax generators are built tough to last and are constructed with only the highest quality materials – that means a heavy-duty all-metal frame, as well as an all-metal control panel.

DuroMax generators feature solid-filled tires which eliminate the need for air and worry of going flat.

These extra-large tires roll smoothly and easily over any terrain, increasing your generator’s mobility, maneuverability, and ability to provide power WHENEVER, and WHEREVER you need it.

X and DX Series

E and EH Series