Environmental Efforts

Powering a
Greener Future

We here at Duromax believe in powering a brighter future for everyone, anywhere. Our products are EPA and CARB approved, designed to be environmentally friendly, and adhere to the CAA. By pushing the boundaries of generator fuel sources, we aim to help create a more sustainable and positive impact across the globe.

Leading the Charge

DuroMax is at the forefront of generator fuel solutions. For years, our Dual Fuel line of generators has helped alleviate the need for gasoline powered generators by allowing them to run off propane, which produces 70% fewer emissions than gasoline. Now, our natural gas ready, Tri Fuel XP13000HXT generator provides even more ways to stay powered, while reducing carbon emissions. Natural gas produces 60% fewer carbon emissions than gasoline.

Environmental Responsibility

We’re passionate about protecting our planet and conserving natural resources for future generations. We aim to use our influence to advance more sustainable practices industry-wide.

The Highest Standard

The foundation of DuroMax is built on quality, reliability, durability, and customer service. At DuroMax our vision is simple, we are committed to Powering Everyone... Anywhere!

Safety Benefits

Unlike gasoline, propane doesn’t need to be poured from a container into the tank, which can lead to overflow, spills, and contamination of the surrounding area. Propane is considered cleaner-burning fuel, therefore less pollutants are emitted that could pose a risk to the environment and your health.

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