DuroMax Fully Loaded Power Panel

When designing our Generators, we have our customers’ usage in mind to ensure they get the most out of their equipment. We engineer our power panels to be sleek, user-friendly, and incorporate the highest amount of outlets and options for powering your Home, RV, or Jobsite.

DuroMax features the widest variety of configurations and number of outlets than any other generator in its class. All of our large generators (10,000 watts and over) come equipped with a 50A 14-50P receptacle, making them home transfer switch-ready. Low oil sensor and individual circuit breakers come standard on all of our power panels.

Learn available plugs we have on our range of generators:

  • 5-20R - 120V 20A Duplex: Only found on 120V generators, standard household outlet
  • 5-20R GFCI - 120C 20 Duplex with GFCI Protection: Found on all 120/240V generators, standard household outlet
  • 5-30R - 30A 120V 3-Prong Twist Lock: Found on 10000-watt and larger generators and 2300iH & 4500iH, used for high amperage 120v power tools and appliances
  • TT30R - 30A 120V RV: Found on 5250 and 4500iH w/ plug converter. XP3030RV converts L14-30R to TT30R – used to power 120v 30A RVs and boats
  • L14-30R - 30A 120/240V: Found on all 120/240V generators 4000 watts and above –  used for 30A transfer switches/home power backup and 240V medium appliances
  • 14-50R - 50A 120/240V: Found on all 120/240V generators 10000 watts and above –  used for 50A transfer switches/home power backup and 240V large appliances
  • 5V USB - 1.5A & 2.5A Dual: Found on various generators 8500 watts and under - used to charge cellphones, tablets, etc.
  • 12V Automotive - 8A 12V: AKA cigarette lighter outlet – used to power automotive appliances and tools
  • 12V Red/Black Outlet - 8A 12V: Used to charge batteries and power small 12V tools

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