Strom Watch: Hurricane Lane

A Hurricane Watch has been placed into effect for Hawaii’s big island of Maui, extending to Hawaii in its entirety. Now dubbed “Hurricane Lane”, this storm pattern is expected to hit the Hawaiian Islands later within the week with hurricane-force winds reaching 30 to 57 mph. Residents are informed to prepare for a Hurricane that will see high surf, heavy currents, gusty winds and a downpour of rain within the suggested area.

Individuals are advised to start preparing emergency plans and supplies in preparations for Hurricane Lane prior to its expected landfall on Thursday. 

According to the National Weather Service, Hurricane Lane is projected to move along Hawaii’s Southern Islands but has the possibility to move towards its Northern Islands causing a direct impact to the main body of Hawaii. Currently, Hurricane Lane is categorized as a 5 level hurricane with winds of at least 115mph. However, it is expected that as Lane gets closer to the island on Thursday; it should weaken but should still be treated as a significate threat.

The NWS warns of the potential impacts that would accompany Hurricane Lane and its possible dangers it may pose to individuals. Heavy winds have the probability to create debris within urban or heavily wooded areas; creating hazardous driving conditions on bridges, elevated roadways, and creating impassable roads. Power and communication may also be affected due to downed power lines or damage to communication arrays. 

The potential threat of flooding rain is also a cause for concern. With heavy downpour, peak rainfall amounts are expected to reach 10 to 15 inches with locally higher amounts. Severe and heavy rainfall may prompt several evacuations and initiate recues. Rivers and tributaries are expected to overspill their banks, while small streams, creeks, and canals can see an overflow of water creating flash floods.

It is important to have an emergency plan ready for any situation. Weather it is in the form of having enough supplies to hunker down or to have an evacuation route in place. Being prepared and mindful will ensure your highest possibility of safety in any emergency scenario.