Storm Watch : Tropical Storm Florence Strengthens into a Category 4 Hurricane

A state of emergency has been declared in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina over the weekend as Tropical Storm Florence strengthens to a Category 4 Hurricane this Monday morning. Governors of numerous Southeast states are advising residents to make preparations for the incoming Hurricane.

In a statement issued by South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, “we are preparing for the worst and of course hoping for the best but being prepared is the best strategy”. He continues to mention that constant communication is being maintained with governmental agencies as well as private agencies such as Red Cross and the numerous nursing homes in South Carolina. “What we are urging is that the citizens to prepare themselves well”.

Over the weekend, the three tropical storm weather systems that have been brewing in the Atlantic / Gulf Coast have developed into three distinct Hurricane patterns. With the most imminent, being Hurricane Florence…Hurricanes Isaac and Helene are expected to follow suite in the days to come.

“A life-threatening storm surge is likely along portions of the coastlines of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia…All interest from South Carolina into the mid-Atlantic region should ensure they have their hurricane plan in place and follow any advice given by local officials” (National Hurricane Center). 

It is very likely that damages will be expected as life-threatening floods and hurricane-force winds are likely to impact the immediate area. The city of Charleston, SC have begun to make flooding preparations by providing sandbag filling sites for residents to utilize in their own emergency preparations along with other emergency provisions.

In Mount Pleasant, SC…residents are rushing to their nearest stores and stocking up on canned foods, water, and medicine. Walmart in this SC city are already experiencing a shortage in supplies by the massive surge created by Hurricane Florence as government officials advise residents to stock on emergency supplies such as food and water, to fill prescriptions for medicine, and to make preparations for evacuation if necessary.

As shortages become reality in some areas…it is important to always keep in mind the dangers of Hurricane weather and the precautions one must take when it becomes reality. Always be mindful of one’s emergency supplies, available rations of food and water, and any necessary steps to take when and if one must evacuate.

It is important to stay knowledgeable on the existing Hurricane system and any and all information / advisories provided by local, state, and federal government. For any emergency or immediate assistance, please contact your local emergency services.