Nor'Easter Slams East Coast, Marking First Winter Storm of the Holiday Season

Overnight, a Nor’Easter Winter Storm has slammed the east coast, leaving behind heavy snowfall across the region.

Areas of Boston, MA have seen up to 6.5” of snowfall in the time span of one night. Reports of power outages across New Jersey and even students snowed into their schools overnight.

By Saturday morning, the Nor’Easter storm is expected to dissipate as it pushes towards Canadian Maritimes Friday evening. Leaving a glimpse of what this Winter Season has in store.

A Nor’easter is a winter storm along the East Coast of North America….they are called a “Nor’easter” because of the origin of winds over the coastal area from the northeast. Nor’Easters are more common during the winter season but on a few rare occurrences can be seen in March and April as well. Nor’easters can often leave devastating effects on the afflicted regions.

These dangers can consist of weather damage, disruption to transportation and human activities and in some instances, it is possible to see flooding from heavy snowfall as well.  A Nor’easter is commonly caused when the temperature between the warm air over the water and cold Artic air over land meets, to create the fuel that Nor’easter storms oh so require.

According to a Short-Range Forecast Discussion published by the National Weather Service, “An Arctic high will slide into the northern tier states through the short-term period.  A cold front will make its way from the central Plains to he middle Mississippi Valley--ending up in the Mid-Atlantic by Sunday evening. With these ingredients, along with forcing an upper level disturbance, a swath of snow from northeast South Dakota to western Michigan is expected” (NWS). With that in mind, the East Coast and Midwest regions of the United States will continue to be effected by snowfall well throughout the weekend.