Millions Without Power as Tropical Storm Isaias Wreaks Havoc on the East Coast

An estimated 2.8 million customers have lost power in several states on the East Coast after the Tropical Storm Isaias ravaged through the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Power outages affected homes and businesses from North Carolina all the way up to Maine. As of 03:00 PM PDT, PowerOutage.US reports 770,732 outages in New Jersey, 695,678 in Connecticut, and 672,343 in New York, 99.470 in Pennsylvania, and 79,282 in Massachusetts.

Isaias has been bouncing between hurricane and tropical storm strength as it ripped through the East Coast on its way to Canada, killing at least nine people this week.

According to meteorologist Phil Klotzbach and his Colorado State University forecast team, Hurricanes Hanna (from late July) and Isaias are just the beginning. They've predicted an extremely active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, with 24 named storms in total.

It is important to be prepared and have an Emergency Plan at all times: Determine if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone. Organize all of your important documents, and make sure you have coverage through your insurance company. Finally, make a list of necessary supplies, such as water and food to last your family at least three days, first aid kits, and flashlights.

During hurricane season, it is essential to own a backup generator. A generator will be able to power your home, including lights and large appliances such as your refrigerator to ensure you have an adequate food supply.

In this age of technology, a backup generator is indispensable. Stay connected to family and friends and up-to-date on the news by keeping your cellphone charged and television/radio running.

Make sure to plan ahead: You’ll want to purchase your generator way before hurricane season begins — this includes getting an electrician to install a transfer switch for safety.

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Cover image via RAAMB