Do I Need an Inverter Generator for My RV? Why It Matters

Whether you’re traveling cross-country or hanging out at an RV park, a recreational vehicle can provide a great way to enjoy nature without leaving the comforts of home behind. 

Wondering, “Do I need an inverter generator for my RV?” If you’re looking to get the most out of the RV lifestyle, an inverter generator is an effective way to power your camp and respect the environment around you. For more information on how an inverter generator works, make sure to learn more about what an inverter generator is before deciding if it is the best power source for your mobile home.

In this guide, we’re exploring the reasons why so many RV owners are investing in inverter generators to power their air conditioning, refrigerators, barbecues, and so much more. From their environmental impact to their portability, read on to discover why inverter generators should be the new RV generator. If you're wondering if an inverter generator can also be used for your house, read up on if you need an inverter generator for your house before making the final purchase.

How To Use an Inverter Generator with Your RV
Before delving into the benefits that an inverter generator can bring to the RV lifestyle, it’s important to understand how easy these machines can be to use compared to a conventional generator. 

Older conventional generators required complicated priming and pull starts that could easily malfunction or fail. Not to mention, they require significant time, effort, and generator power just to get the engine running.

Today, inverter generators offer unmatched ease of operation with accessible features, including:

  • One button – Gone are the days of pull cords and complicated starting mechanisms. You can turn on some modern inverter generators with the flip of a switch or the press of a button. Additionally, many inverter generators also offer an “idle” switch, allowing you to keep the engine running without drawing excessive fuel and risking a power outage.
  • Easy monitoring – Unclear gauges and difficult-to-see fuel levels are a thing of the past. You can expect a simple monitoring system for your inverter generator, complete with usage indicators, fuel levels, and time estimates. It’s the best way to ensure your inverter generator remains running when you need it.
  • Simple connections – With multiple AC power outlets, including 20-amp and 30-amp RV power outlets, all you need to do is plug your RV power cord in, and you should be ready to go. Some inverter generators also include USB outlets. Now you can plug in your electronics directly for a quick boost of power.

Inverter generators require regular maintenance and fuel refilling, but if you keep up with the essentials, you can look forward to years of service—and a few additional advantages, too. For a complete guide on home generator maintenance, make sure to read up on backup generator maintenance checklists to make sure you stay safe when operating this kind of power source. We’ll explore five below. 

#1 Get Out in The Open
The open road is yours with your RV. That is, until you run out of power. While RV parks may offer stations to recharge and plug in, they’re far from the most scenic areas to set up camp. Without a generator, you’ll be out of luck if you want to venture out beyond the park for a day of camping and exploration. 

Fortunately, an RV inverter generator allows you to stay where you want. Whether you’re planting yourself in the remote mountains or lounging at the picturesque shoreline, the following features make inverter generators the best generator option when embarking into the great outdoors:

  • Portability – Lightweight and made for travel, inverter generators are less bulky than traditional generators, making them ideal for on-the-road usage. There’s nothing worse than struggling to move your generator around, but with an inverter generator, you can expect less hassle and hardship.
  • Flexibility – Inverter generators give you precisely the amount of electricity you need for the job. Power any electronic device or appliance in (or out) of your RV with ease and confidence, whether you’re toasting a few waffles before breakfast or charging your drone before a scenic hike.
  • Reliability – There’s no going to the store when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. That’s why reliability is the top priority for many RV owners. Inverter generators offer a dependable power source anywhere you are to ensure you have the resources you need to travel safely and comfortably. 

#2 Power Your Camp
If you’re on the hunt for a generator that can power everything you use for your RV, an inverter generator can offer the energy you need. 

That being said, there are several reasons why inverter generators offer a superior power experience for your RV lifestyle:

  • Unmatched efficiency – Efficiency is at the core of the inverter generator. Rather than running at a consistent RPM like traditional generators, an inverter generator adjusts its engine to match how much power you’re drawing. With more efficiency, you can use less fuel and keep the power going through a direct current for a longer period of time.
  • Electrical devices – Traditionally, a regular generator can pose a real risk to modern electronics. A sudden power surge or inconsistent current could damage phones, laptops, tablets, and speakers. Fortunately, inverter generators offer a smooth stream of converted and inverted electricity to ensure a safe and reliable connection for all of your devices.
  • Extend the possibilities – If you’re looking for more power and running watts, inverter generators can be connected and run in parallel using a simple connection. Not only can you enjoy more electrical output to power your RV camping needs, but you can avoid purchasing a larger, bulkier camping generator. Two smaller generators offer more power options and easier portability as well.

#3 Protect What’s in Your Fridge
If you’ve ever lost power for an extended period in your RV, you know the unpleasant result that wafts from your fridge. Spoiled food can pose a significant inconvenience for those looking to enjoy extended trips off the grid.

Fortunately, an inverter generator can keep the appliances in your kitchen running smoothly, thanks to a few key features:

  • Consistent power output – Worried that you may be damaging your fridge? Newer refrigerators contain sensitive components that are more easily disrupted by inconsistent power supplies. With an inverter generator, there’s no worry about accidentally damaging your fridge or losing your food.
  • Propane conservation mechanisms – Many RV refrigerators run on propane fuel when they’re not plugged in. A portable inverter generator can offer you a secondary way to power your RV without using your propane reserves.
  • Specific wattage – RV refrigerators will vary in overall electrical needs depending on their size and capacity. Because inverter generators are designed for efficiency, you can ensure that your fridge is receiving the correct amount of electricity without causing an unintended surge or drawing more fuel than necessary.

#4 Stay Environmentally Friendly
As a lover of the outdoors, you might be interested in finding ways to minimize your impact on the natural world. With an inverter generator, you can take steps toward environmental conservation, without sacrificing comfort or fun.

That being said, inverter generators operate with a few environmentally friendly features:

  • Lower fuel usage – Take your fuel consumption into your own hands by opting for a more efficient generator choice. Inverter generators use less fuel than standard generators, lowering your total fuel consumption to mitigate the costly and harmful effects of fossil fuels.
  • Lower carbon emissions – It’s not just about the fuel you put in, but the fumes you put out. If you’ve ever stood near a generator, you’ve likely noticed the stream of CO2 exhaust these machines create. While inverter generators still create some exhaust, the total amount is significantly lower than that of a standard generator.
  • Lower noise pollution – When you’re out in nature, you likely want to luxuriate in the sounds of birdsong and windswept forest leaves. Inverter generators run quieter than comparable traditional generators, allowing you to enjoy creature comforts without disturbing animals or other campers.

#5 Lower Your Load
RVs have limited space. Between essentials, personal items, and your appliances and furniture, there’s not a lot of room to haul hefty equipment. Fortunately, inverter generators are small enough to store in your RV without taking up anyone’s leg room.  

When looking for a portable inverter generator for your RV, consider the following storage factors:

  • Size of generator – Inverter generators range in size and output. A 2,300-watt inverter generator will be small enough to store in a cargo hold, underneath seats, or in a small closet. If you opt for a larger generator, you may need to find a more creative way to store it away when not in use.
  • Fuel storage – Whether you’re powering your inverter generator with propane, gasoline, diesel, or natural gas, you’ll need to allow for additional storage space for fuel. In addition, always ensure your fuel containers are well-sealed and stored in a safe place where they won’t move during transit.
  • Cables and accessories – You may want to include cables, cords, parallel kits, and other accessories in your overall storage plan. Factor in the additional space these accessories will take up and keep them in a convenient location. You don’t want to be hunting down an essential cord when you’re ready to power up your site.

The relatively low weight of inverter generators means you shouldn’t have too much to worry about when bringing one along for your next trip. Where traditional generators might add excessive bulk to your RV, leading to fuel inefficiencies, inverter generators are small enough that you shouldn’t notice an increase in load.

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