A Guide on Parallel Generators

Parallel Generators: How to Run Two Generators Together

As you expand your at-home or on-the-go operations, a single generator unit might not cut it if you experience a power outage. You may need more backup power to keep things running smoothly.

The solution? Consider running parallel generators.

Running two synchronous generators can help to improve your power flow without needing to invest in a larger, high-capacity generator. But to run your generators in tandem, you’ll need to check for generator compatibility before synching the generator’s voltage, pitch, and frequency.

This guide will walk you through the basics of parallel generators and the steps to running two parallel generators together.

Why Should You Use Parallel Generators?

When you need extra power, you have two options: buy a larger, more expensive generator with higher power capabilities or use two smaller generators to increase power capacity.

While a larger generator may streamline the process, opting to run multiple generators together can provide your home, vehicle, or workplace with numerous benefits, including:

  • Two generators will be less expensive and easier to maintain
  • Two generators are easier to transport from one location to another
  • You’ll be able to utilize the current generator you already have
  • Two generators will create less noise pollution than a larger, high-capacity portable generator

An appropriate parallel generator kit can double your available power.

What to Look For in a Parallel Generator

When searching for a compatible second generator to meet your power needs, there are a few things to consider. First, it’s important to determine your wattage requirements before buying a generator to find one that meets your needs. Additionally, remember that the amount of power that’s doubled will be the minimum amount of watts available.

To that end, look for a generator that:

  • Has parallel capabilities
  • Operates at the correct wattage you’ll need for your operations
  • Uses the same fuel as your current generator
  • Provides enough ventilation for proper cooling
  • Meets your transportation requirements, whether it’s transportable or stationary

Generally, inverter generators have parallel compatibility. These generators typically cost anywhere between $500 to $5,000 depending on the wattage.

How to Run Parallel Generators

Two generators are stronger than one and will produce more power for your home, job site, or RV. However, to ensure long-term reliability and a constant flow of energy, you’ll need to ensure that each generator is a good match to the other.

Step 1: Check for Generator Compatibility

While you can run two generators in parallel regardless of their model or size, you’ll need to identify the ratings of the following for each generator:

  • Output voltage
  • Frequency

If they have a similar rating, they’re compatible. If the generators are incompatible, they may fail to offer the power you need, and running them in sync may damage the equipment.

If you’re unsure of the generators’ ratings or constructions, consult an experienced electrician or generator technician.

Step 2: Use a Parallel Cable Kit

A parallel cable or kit is designed to help connect the two generators. It links them together and makes the paralleling process easier to manage.

There are a variety of parallel kits and cables to choose from. Some work better with certain generators, so you’ll need to find the one that’s not only cost-effective but compatible as well. Once you have the kit that you need, you can then connect it to the dedicated parallel output on your generator.

Tip: If you’re unsure of which kit you need to use, check the generator manual for your specific model. It offers information on what parallel kits you need as well as a list of compatible generators.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Increased Power

The world runs on electricity. It powers nearly every aspect of our daily lives and, as expected, our energy needs have only grown over time. So, when you need a bit more energy to keep things running, parallel generators may be the best option for you. 

Some additional advantages parallel generators may offer include:

  • Extra available power to use
  • Better efficiency and maintenance capabilities
  • Extended runtime for both
  • Reduced disruption in power
  • Increased reliability and serviceability

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