1. Storm Watch : Mandatory Evacuations Ordered for Carolinas and Virginia

    In the face of an impending Hurricane, Saturday night…government officials of the Carolinas and Virginia have issued a mandatory evacuation for its residents. Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina in coordination with state and local officials “has lifted the mandatory evacuation order for zones in Beaufort, Colleton, and jasper counties, with the exception of Edisto Beach. The mandatory evacuation executive order remains in effect for all zones in Horry, Georgetown, Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties and for Edisto Beach” (SCETV).

  2. Storm Watch : Tropical Storm Florence Strengthens into a Category 4 Hurricane

    Storm Watch : Tropical Storm Florence Strengthens into a Category 4 Hurricane A state of emergency has been declared in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina over the weekend as Tropical Storm Florence strengthens to a Category 4 Hurricane this Monday morning.

    Governors of numerous Southeast states are advising residents to make preparations for the incoming Hurricane.

  3. Storm Watch : Four Storm Patterns Develop on the Atlantic Coast

    Storm Watch : Four Storm Patterns Develop on the Atlantic Coast As Tropical Storm Gordon begins to subside, four more tropical storm patterns have started to develop on the Atlantic Coast causing concern for Gulf / East Coast residents.

    Tropical Storm Florence is to be followed by two storms that are expected to increase in intensity as the week continues during this Mid-September peak of the 2018 Hurricane Season.

  4. Storm Watch : Gulf Coast Braces for Tropical Storm Gordon

    Storm Watch : Gulf Coast Braces for Tropical Storm Gordon A Storm Surge Warning has been issued for the regions surrounding the Gulf Coast. Making an expected landfall today, we will see this tropical system develop into the week.

    It will make its way from the coastal area of the Mississippi and North West towards Arkansas within the first three days; finally moving North West towards Illinois during the later stretch of Gordon’s path.

  5. Storm Watch: Potential Cyclone Disrupts Atlantic Waters

    Storm Watch: Potential Cyclone Disrupts Atlantic Waters After a relatively calm hurricane season, the setting seems to have begun to change as signs of a potential cyclone have developed in Atlantic Waters.

    As of the moment, it is still early within its development that it is unclear whether or not this cyclone will raise a cause for concern in the mainland. The National Hurricane Center has issued an advisory Thursday of the potential Tropical Cyclone Six within the areas near the Cabo Islands.

  6. Strom Watch: Hurricane Lane

    Strom Watch: Hurricane Lane A Hurricane Watch has been placed into effect for Hawaii’s big island of Maui, extending to Hawaii in its entirety. Now dubbed “Hurricane Lane”, this storm pattern is expected to hit the Hawaiian Islands later within the week with hurricane-force winds reaching 30 to 57 mph.

    Residents are informed to prepare for a Hurricane that will see high surf, heavy currents, gusty winds and a downpour of rain within the suggested area.

  7. Dane County, WI Declares State of Emergency

    Dane County, WI Declares State of Emergency Dane County officials have declared a state of emergency this morning after experiencing heavy rainfall Monday night; resulting in the heaviest rainfall within a 24-hour period ever recorded for the state of Wisconsin.

    Major flooding will continue in portions of Dane county where 10 inches or more of rain is expected and a high swim risk has been placed on all beaches of Lake Michigan due to dangerous currents.

  8. Take It Outside™ – Carbon Monoxide Kills

    Take It Outside™ – Carbon Monoxide Kills If you own a portable generator, always remember to Take It Outside™. Portable generators release carbon monoxide – an odorless, colorless gas that can kill if you run your generator inside your home, garage, shed or basement. That’s why the only safe place to run a portable generator is outdoors and away from windows and doors. Here are some tips to help ensure your safety!

  9. Storm Watch : Typhoon Maria

    Storm Watch : Typhoon Maria In the wake of the flooding and downpour in Japan caused by monsoon rains, the storm has now made way from the Southern Philippine Islands towards norther Taiwan and the Ryukyu islands in Japan. It is expected that Typhoon Maria will make its way towards eastern China in the next coming days.

    Similar to the storms seen in Japan, Typhoon Maria is expected to create excessive rainfall which may lead to significant flooding in the afflicted areas as it moves from the Ryukyu Islands towards China.

  10. Summer 2018: Off to a Hot Start

    Summer 2018: Off to a Hot Start With the summer season just beginning, we are greeted with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors once again…not that we don’t all year round here at DuroMax. As much as we love the wilderness; it is also important to protect it and ourselves…especially when running portable power on a campsite or at base camp while backcountry camping.

    Portable generators can provide a reliable source of power for all of our outdoor needs, from running the essentials like equipment on the RV to running some lights and pumping music at the campsite but with all things fun it is important to always consider safety when running a portable generator.

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